A Collection of Legacy FORTRAN Programs

This is a collection of legacy FORTRAN programs, written between 1980 and 1990 by Marcello Galli for mainframes or VAX/VMS mini computers.

They are here to be included in the collection of the Software Heritage project.

Software Heritage people (and UNESCO) believe that software is a precious part of our cultural heritage and must be preserved, as is done with literature, ancient books, historic buildings and so on.

This is a contribution for them from the HellDragon web site

We have here a git repository with the following programs:

The repository can be accessed through a gitweb interface or cloned with statements like:

git clone git://legacy.helldragon.eu/cbs.git
git clone git://legacy.helldragon.eu/egs4cyl.git
git clone git://legacy.helldragon.eu/frankie.git
git clone git://legacy.helldragon.eu/jets.git
git clone git://legacy.helldragon.eu/xsig.git
git clone git://legacy.helldragon.eu/oldfortrancodes.git

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